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The Team

Marcella Guajardo-Gina Williams-Rhonda Thornburgh

Furniture Business Development Coordinators

Eddie Baird

SVP of Furniture Sales & National Accounts

Brian Moore

Category Marketing Manager

Ty Blankenbaker

Furniture Merchant

Alex Adams

Furniture Merchant

Stephanie Browne-Laura Burchfield-Cherie Smutnik

Furniture Business Development Coordinators

Joel Grier

Furniture Regional Manager - East

Shannon Murphy

Furniture Regional Manager - North Central

Tracey Bennett

Furniture Regional Manager - West

Kimberly Casey

Furniture Regional Manager - South Central

Tristan Edwards

Bid & Design Manager

Kellie Burden

Sr. Interior Designer

Morgan Rogers

Merchandising Assistant

Jeana Reynolds

Space Planner

Cristy Prince

Interior Designer

General Request

(844) 387-6777


For furniture support of general questions or request for additional discounting on large furniture opportunities when Interior Design is not needed.

Special Orders

Fax: (844) 396-7377



Place stock orders with local branch.

Interior DESIGN

For projects and furniture orders placed through S.P. Richards. Our standard turn around time is 48- 72 hours depending on the size of the project.

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