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Furniture Budget vs. Construction Budget: How to Make the Most of Both

by: Rachel Bray, Interior Design Manager

Did you know that companies usually have both a furniture budget and a construction budget? Discuss this with your customer because we have many items that could be pulled out of the construction budget and move over to furniture. Doing so provides the

customer with options to extend their budget by allowing additional funds to tackle more construction items that they originally didn’t have the budget for.

KFI Studios – Umage Lighting

Did you know SPR offers lighting?

In 2019, KFI Seating became KFI Studios and is now offering more than just seating. (

How about millwork, maybe a custom reception desk? Usually built-ins are included in the construction budget but with our vendor Groupe Lacasse, they allow you to provide custom solutions that are usually handled by the contractor.

Groupe Lacasse Custom Reception Desk
Groupe Lacasse Custom Reception Desk

Signage by Lorell

With our new Signage by Lorell line, you can provide your customers with endless options. We have several stocked options for that quick solution and unlimited custom options that can include an entire wayfinding package.

Gallery by Lorell Artwork

Gallery by Lorell ( is another incredible resource. Again, many stocked options with a wide selection of special-order pieces that include both artwork and mirrors.

With accessories, the solutions are endless through SPR! After a customer purchases an office or workstation make sure to factor in other items like chairmats, monitor arms, lamps, marker boards, and standard desk accessories.

Lorell Glass Chairmat & Height-Adjustable Base

Chairmats are a great sell when a customer has just installed new carpet as they protect the flooring underneath. Don’t forget, hard surface = soft chair casters; soft surface = hard chair casters. Selling them on the importance of a chairmat up front will provide you with a higher margin and save your customer money as it will extend the life of the carpet. Check out our great line of Premium Glass Chairmats, customers love them!

Lastly, if there is a height-adjustable desk make sure you are providing your customer with a solution for standing such as anti-fatigue mats and/or perch stools.

Offering your customers accessories to complete their project will provide them with the feeling of a new space that is stylish, functional and finished.

It’s time to add functional style to any workplace. If you need help finding the perfect solution for your customer, reach out to your SPR Furniture Team and let us help you.


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