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Q1 2021 Furniture Favorites

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

We see a lot of furniture! Here are some of our current favorites!

PVC Shell Task Chairs: LLR68565/LLR68566

These have a small footprint and are great for touch down areas with high traffic. They have a soft seat and are easily cleanable. Available in white and black.

- Tim Smith, Furniture Regional Sales Manager

Safco Mirella Collection

I love this series because it is a modern look with several contemporary finishes that can be used at home or in the office, plus it ships quickly from our friends at Safco.

- Shannon Murphy, Furniture Regional Sales Manager


If you are working at home or back in the office, our new Lorell 3-in-1 Air Purifier/Mood Light Desk Lamp with two USB charging ports is nice enough on its own but when you add an integrated HEPA air purifier, how cool is that?

- Joel Grier, Furniture Regional Sales Manager

Lorell Soho Metal Frame Bookcase LLR97619

As most of us are continuing to work from home it’s important to keep our home office organized. I love this SOHO Rustic Bookshelf with the combination of metal and wood. It gives me the perfect industrial vibe I am going for! *puts item in cart*

- Rachel Bray, Interior Design Manager

Lorell Soho Modern Writing Desk

This versatile, unique desk looks great and is super easy to assemble. You’ll be up a running in just a few minutes, and with three finishes, there is an option for almost any décor.

LLR03700 – Gray

LLR03701 – Mocha

LLR03702 – White

- Ty Blankenbaker, Furniture Merchant

Lorell Adaptable Panel Dividers - LLR90284

The Lorell Clear Adaptable Panel Dividers for our Mobile Room Dividers allow our customers to divide a space in a tiled design while also allowing light into the space. The new lateral bracket set (LLR90283) also make a nice addition for longer runs of these dividers.

- Jennifer Hester, Furniture Regional Sales Manager


We have been focused on Work from Home and this board is perfect!

It has a small format (18”x24”), is multipurpose, magnetic, has dry erase and bulletin board halves and comes in an on trend color.

- Alex Adams, Furniture Merchant

Lorell Folding Desk - LLR60751

I love this folding workstation because it can suit the needs of almost everyone and every space. Have it up during the day for business and fold it back down at night so it’s out of the way! You can’t beat the price, quality, or versatility.

- Kellie Burden, Interior Designer


What I like about this chair is that the mesh back provides flexible support while the ergonomic curve in the low back offers space for a more natural sitting position.

The thin sleek profile along with the silver & gray mesh makes it a perfect fit for an executive boardroom, meeting table or even a home office.

-Kimberly Casey, Furniture Regional Sales Manager

HON Matter Multipurpose Chair - HONVL232GRY01

This chair is a great addition to any home office. I really like the upholstered design while also having the mobility of wheels like a traditional desk chair. Lots of character!

- Brittany Smith, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Safco Co Go - SAF4360BL/SAF4361BL

My furniture favorite is the Safco CoGO Indoor/Outdoor metal tables and chairs. Outdoor dining is even more popular in some states like New York and California now. This is a perfect solution for restaurants, bars, schools or even your back deck at home. You can even add that pop of red you always wanted. One added feature on the table is a hook, perfect to hang your purse or bag. Let’s keep the bags off the nasty floors.

- Eddie Baird, VP of Furniture Sales


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