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Versatile & Durable Furniture

by: Kellie Burden, Interior Designer

Now more than ever, finding products that have both versatility and durability is extremely important. Whether you are in the office or working from home, lots of items need to do double duty, they should be space friendly and easily cleaned. Most companies have come out with products in the last year to do just that and S.P. Richards is no exception. For those still going into the office, there are now lots of items to help ease the transition from the open workspace era to something more distanced.

Products such as barriers (LLR 55674) and directional signs (LLR 03185) have become increasingly popular among businesses to help make sure that guidelines are being followed and health is at the forefront on a daily basis. Along with seating that can be wiped down with ease, consumers are also taking advantage of easily cleanable laminate panels (Lorell Mobile Room Dividers) that are becoming important for businesses that need adaptable privacy solutions.

For our customers that are able to work from home, they are doing what they can to make the best out of a stressful situation. For some, that may mean their dining table becomes their office, but a lot of businesses are doing what they can to make the set up a little more desirable for their employees. That includes office chairs (LLR 62008) that can make it more comfortable to sit for extended hours when necessary or even height adjustable risers (LLR 99555) that can sit on an existing surface to create a much-needed break from sitting in one spot all day. Wherever the location, there is likely to be a new product on the market to help make your daily life a little easier.


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