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Go Green!

by: Rachel Bray, Interior Design Manager

Want to make the world a better place? Implementing green practices into your office or home can help reduce waste, conserve natural resources, improve both air and water quality, and protect ecosystems and biodiversity. Remember, this earth is the only one we have so it is our job to take care of it.

Many of our vendors have taken major steps in making their footprint on the environment smaller and cleaner. Our vendors strive to be Greenguard Certified, which means their Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions into indoor air is so low that it meets the extreme standards GREENGUARD requires.

VOCs are fumes that come from new products that can be harmful to humans over a long period of exposure. You know that new car smell that you just love and want to last forever? Those are actually VOCs that are being contained in a small space, which is not healthy at all. VOCs effect the indoor air quality which ties directly into your health.

By providing eco-friendly product options we are able to give you and your customers a space that improves the mental health without sacrificing physical health. An added bonus, it does not sacrifice the style or features of the products you are using. Other great things to consider to help ‘Go Green’ – use natural lighting as much as possible, place plants around the office, and use recyclable office and breakroom products.

Don’t forget, Earth Day is April 22, 2019. This is a day held annually to demonstrate and promote environmental awareness and calls for the protection of our planet. Let’s all Go Green together and make our earth a happy one!


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