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Make A Good Impression

By: Shawnda Williams, LEED AP

Interior Designer

A positive first impression is an important start to building a relationship with your customers. When customers have the opportunity to visit your establishment, they form opinions about your business based upon your workspace. That initial impression will set the tone of the entire customer experience. This is why making a good impression and creating a functional, aesthetically pleasing environment is of the utmost importance. We offer a variety of products in custom and standard finishes that will impress your clients. Our manufacturers can create custom pieces to fit your needs, just let one of our designers know your needs to get the process started.

Once you have created a space that is welcoming and functional, you can increase the chances of improving your bottom line significantly. One of the easiest ways to improve your bottom line is to encourage existing customers to increase their average order size. Upselling is defined as offering customers a product that is more expensive than the product they are currently considering or to add options/features to the product they are buying. Cross selling refers to selling items that are complementary to the item they are purchasing. Not only will cross selling and upselling improve your business, but providing relevant information and helping clients make informed decisions will create long lasting business relationships/repeat customers for many years to come.


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