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Q2 Furniture Favorites

We see a lot of furniture and we know what works for our customers and what we like. These are our current Favorites!

Lorell Topographical Standing Mat

" If someone is using a Sit 2 Stand desk they need to also be using some type of standing mat. I used this mat in an Active Office demo and it drew a lot of positive feedback.

I started using it myself and I like that it can be used with any floor surface, the size/design make it very easy to slide back and forth between sitting and standing.

When standing, it offers the anti-fatigue benefits and the ergonomic foot rest pattern helps you accomplish a more comfortable platform when seated.

This item makes a great conversation starter with your end user and is usually something that gets left out of the original Sit 2 Stand orders.”

Joel Grier, Regional Sales Manager

KFI Julep Chair

“When I sit in it, I feel pretty.”

Brian James, Regional Sales Manager

Lorell Mid-Century Modern Office

“My furniture favorite is the Mid-Century Modern Office Suite. Not only does it brighten up my home office but its simplicity makes it super easy to change out my office accessories, every season requires a different theme."

Akia Stroud, Associate Brand Manager - Lorell

Lorell Magnetic Glass Boards

“I love the Magnetic Glass Boards by Lorell as it is so easy to hang. Position the mounting rails on the wall and just hang the board. The black board looks great in a conference room with a black glass conference table! Don’t forget the rare earth magnets and markers.”

Jennifer Hester, Regional Sales Manager

Special T - Sienna Table Series

“The flexibility in the height of the bases, the modern design of the base that includes an optional foot-ring and the many options of laminate finishes for the tops. These tables would look great on any install. I know because I have used them before and the client was very happy.”

Eddie Baird, Director of Sales - Furniture

Lorell Essential Series - Weathered Charcoal

“I’m a big fan of anything in Weathered Charcoal right now, it brightens up office spaces and has knocked Mahogany down from #1 as the top selling finish in several series of casegoods.”

Dennis Arnold, Vice President - Furniture

Safco Medina Adjustable Height Desks

“It gives you a high end design with height adjust ability at an affordable price point!”

Shannon Murphy, Regional Sales Manager

Lorell Relevance Series w/Wood Legs

“The second leg option for the Relevance series give customers the ability to have a more mid-century look while still being modern. This angled base insures plenty of leg room and can work in a private executive office or open work area with numerous people without being too busy or bland.”

Kellie Burden, Interior Designer

Frasch Uptop Table

“I like this product because of its functionality and clean lines. The user can utilize the product from sitting to standing without having to incorporate power into the worksurface. The best part is the table can be removed for independent use.”

Shawnda Williams, Interior Designer

Lesro Avon Series

"Any product that has clean lines and a pop of color added, is my jam! This crisp, modern design impresses from every angle. Perfect for revamping any Healthcare Waiting Room.”

Rachel Bray, Interior Design Manager

Master Vision’s Heavy-Duty Magnetic Reversible Easel

“It’s a mobile, magnetic dry-erase board that is reversible, which doubles the surface area without expanding the space required. Great for multiple users or for a single user who has a lot to explain/draw/diagram/chart.”

Jody Himes, Merchandising Manager

HPFI Collaborative Seating

“I love the endless options and configurations that you can create with this series.”

Kimberly Casey, Regional Sales Manger

Lorell Black Glass Conference Table

“My favorite furniture piece, is LLR 59628, the Black Glass Table. I visited a dealer who works with the Oakland Raiders and this was a discussion point with the dealer owner.”

Tim Smith, Regional Sales Manager

Lorell Quadro Electric Desk

“I love how easy it is to switch from sitting to standing, just the touch of a button. The variety of finishes makes it customizable for any workspace and it’s really quiet.”

Brittany Smith, Product Marketing Manager

Lorell Compact Refrigerator

“This mini fridge is a great addition for conference rooms to keep drinks stocked for guests.”

Tony Zbrzezny, Regional Furniture Manager


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