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Q3 Furniture Favorites

We see a lot of furniture and we know what works for our customers and what we like. These are our current Favorites!

Lorell Adorn Executive Chair - LLR83104

"One of my favorite chairs is the LLR 83104 Lorell Adorn Executive Chair. Designed and assembled in the USA with a lifetime warranty and the chair features an elastic suspension seat with molded foam, synchro seat slider, and six way adjustable arms.

This chair has had a recent design update and now comes partially assembled with the arms and seat mechanism attached. With the special order fabric capability this chair has all the features of a contract grade chair at a great price point."

Dennis Arnold-Vice President, Furniture

Serenity Seating
Combination Storage

I had two favorites this month:

Serenity Series Seating

"I use these black leather chairs in conference room settings to elevated the look."

Combination Storage

"These combo's can be used on one side of the return in an "L" shape station setting. With today’s spaces reduced to a 60" wide, 5’ x 5’ sometimes, I've been using this 30" combo to replace the older style typical, of 2 pedestals, one on each end of the "L" station. By replacing the BBF and FF with the single Lateral drawer, 2 box drawers, and one storage door in one foot print. This combines the storage on one side and opens up the desk side for knee space. This single file has replaced the 2 15"+pedestals, by using this one 30" wide combo file."

Tim Smith

Furniture Regional Sales Manager

Arold Hip Hip Seating (2019 FA Catalog Pg117)

Arold Hip Hip Seating

"Arold is all about design and style. Creating inviting and personalized configurations by combining rectangular, square, curved and round elements to meet your needs and reinvent your spaces. Join me in singing “Hip Hop hooray, hey, ho!!”

Rachel Bray

Interior Design Manager

Bentwood Café Chairs LLR 99863

"The Bentwood Café chairs are a summer time fav. They give the right amount of a Boho chic to my in-home work area."

Akia Stroud

Associate Brand Manager - Lorell

Conjure Series

"My favorite furniture item is the Conjure chair LLR62001 in black. This mid back chair has all the bells in whistles such as adjustable arms, back angle and height and lumbar adjustments, seat angle adjustment, forward seat pitch, seat depth and like Kenny Chesney says, “She thinks my tractor seat is sexy” feature.

"If you don’t like the black seat, order the LLR62003 frame only and order the seat of your choice, black leather (LLR62004), gray fabric (LLR62005), blue fabric (LLR62006) or red fabric (LLR62007)."

Eddie Baird

Director of Sales - Furniture

Cube 300 from Arold

"My favorite product is the Cube 300 from Arold. The cushions can be removed and turned into an awesome fort."

Brian James

Furniture Regional Sales Manager

Mobile Storage Cabinet with Bins LLR 71101

Mobile Storage Cabinet

" This storage cabinet is versatile and can be used in almost any environment home, healthcare, office and education. The bin keeps items hidden and organized which makes for a more productive work environment. Most importantly it’s mobile!"

Shawanda Williams

Interior Designer

ChargeTech CRGCT300061

ChargeTech Charging Stations

"If you are sitting in a public area there is a good chance you will be on your phone, these charging stations from ChargeTech are the perfect accompaniment to any public lounge area. They have a variety of options to fit any situation and some offer a branding option so you can keep your company message front and center. A thoughtful accessory for any seating area."

Brittany Smith

Product Marketing Manager

Lorell Quadro Electric Adjustable Height L Shaped Workstation

“I am a big fan of our Lorell Quadro Electric Adjustable Height L shaped workstation. (LLR 25949 base, LLR 16201 desk top, and LLR 16203 return top)

There aren’t many options our there for an adjustable height L-shaped unit, and it gives a complete sit to stand work surface. The weathered Charcoal top matched with the silver base go well with some of today’s trendy colors, but there is a black base and wood toned top options as well.”

Joel Grier

Furniture Regional Sales Manager

Ignition 2.0 - HONI2M2AMLC10TK

Ignition 2.0

This is a solid task chair, with full features, and designed for user comfort. If we get up and move regularly, as we should, that’s great! It’s a good “home base”.

If we get busy with reality and end up sitting far longer than we realized, it’s still there, providing the needed comfort and support for that work marathon. On top of all this, it’s affordably priced! Where’s the down side?

Jody Himes

Merchandising Manager

Outdoor Seating

"Great for a collaborative meeting with colleagues or a beverage after work."

Shannon Murphy

Furniture Regional Sales Manager

Arctic Series

"My furniture favorite for this quarter is in our Lorell Arctic Series , the chairs with a white plastic back. The stack chairs and stools are great additions to a café setting with wonderful back support."

Jennifer Hester

Furniture Regional Sales Manager

HPFI Eve Collaborative Seating Series

HPFI Eve Collaborative Seating Series

"The curved lines of the banquette creates collaborative and inviting space."

Kimberly Casey

Furniture Regional Sales Manager


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