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Q4 2020 Furniture Favorites

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

We see a lot of furniture! Here are some of our current favorites!

HON Handsfree Foot & Arm Pulls

I have two reasons for my selection for my favorite product. The first reason is we all enjoy showing our customers new products that we provide that we traditionally don’t sell. We also enjoy taking some market share from other resellers that we traditionally don’t compete against. These products are something that we can sell on projects as well as individually and take some market share.

My second reason is, I just don’t like touching some door handles or pushing on that nasty, rusty push plate on that germ infested door. This product lets me use my arms or feet to keep my hands clean during these crazy times of COVID. Therefore, my favorite product is actually two products from Hon. The hands free foot pull and hands free arm pull. I bet Howie Mandell would like these also being a germaphobe. Stay safe and wash your hands.

- Eddie Baird, VP of Furniture Sales

Lorell Folding Desk - LLR60751

One of the new Lorell product that I think is going to be a customer favorite is the Folding Workstation. This workstation is sleek in style and design and can be used in applications ranging from the popular Home Office to Corporate Offices and even Hospitality!

-Kimberly Casey, Furniture Regional Sales Manager

Conjure High Back - LLR 62000

I am a fan of Lorell’s best kept chair secret, the Conjure High back chair! Good looks, all the adjustments you could want, comfortable, five seat color options, and oh yeah …. a great price! If you have overlooked it in your task seating options in the past, take it for a test drive.

- Joel Grier, Furniture Regional Sales Manager

HON West Hill & Scramble Collection

Talk about a fun crossover between commercial and residential design… resimercial! This collection is at the forefront of beautiful design aesthetic and is perfect for any waiting or collaborative space… or in my living room! It’s time to make a great first impression so that your visitors feel right at home.

- Rachel Bray, Interior Design Manager

Glass chairmats! Smooth running on any surface, our mats are not only durable

(1,000 lb weight capacity) but these have become one of our best selling items! Great for the office or home office.

- Tony Zbrzezny, Furniture Regional Sales Manager

Lorell Smart Device Slot/USB Task Light - LLR13201

This is a great light to have near your computer because it has a bright 8w LED output that is dimmable, a USB port to charge additional devices and a modern aluminum finish.

- Alex Adams, Furniture Merchant

Lorell Relevance - 120 Degree Worksation

I love our new Relevance series 120 degree workstations. They work great in smaller spaces or just for better team collaboration! They come in two colors and can be used in quite a few different configurations to best suit your office needs.

- Kellie Burden, Interior Designer

Lorell Ceramic Pattern Vinyl Mats

One of my new favorites is the Lorell Vinyl Mats featured in our Furniture Advantage options. The unique patterns will compliment floors that need protection. Check out the variety of designs.

- Jennifer Hester, Furniture Regional Sales Manager

Lorell Swap Sit-to-Stand Chair - LLR21571

My new favorite item is the Lorell “Swap” chair, it is fully ergonomic, weight-actuated synchro- tilt, with a 4 position locking mechanism, 4-D arms and a foot ring included.

This chair will allow a sit to stand user to use when sitting down and in a variety of heights up to max height all while using the same chair.

- Tim Smith, Furniture Regional Sales Manager

Triple Monitor Arm with Pole - LLR99804

I'm most excited about the new monitor arms! There are several styles to choose from and they can hold up to three monitors in landscape or portrait. There's even an optional accessory arm that can hold your laptop as well for people who need four screens!

- Brittany Smith, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Dual Monitor Arms w/ Column Mount - LLR03187


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