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Welcome to the New World - Furniture Sales

By: Tony Zbrzezny Furniture Regional Sales Manager & Tim Smith Business Furniture Regional Sales Manager

In the last 30 years we have seen the Office Furniture industry go through tremendous change, from styles/colors to function. A customer that once needed a catalog rack on their desk is now using a desk riser to accommodate their laptop and the need for file/file pedestals have been replaced by mobile pedestals with a cushioned top so someone can sit down. The furniture we provide is changing with the times as well. Millennials are demanding more freedom in the workspace and a more open collaborative environment.

How we go to market with our customers is changing also, customers are demanding faster response times and they want to see what the finished project will look like before they start. They are focused on value and ROI.

At the risk of sounding like the old guys, the days of catalogs and quarter inch graph paper are over. Our customers have moved into the 21st century and you need to move with them because your competition has. In the past you would receive a lead or get a call from a customer and you would go out measure the room with your 25’ tape, take out your catalog and find out what they want and draw it up. That worked! Relationship selling and being able to provide pictures was the way to go. Not anymore, the days of story boards are coming to an end and if you need to measure a room bring your laser ruler with you. We are in a visual age, people want to see what their workspace is going to look like before they buy, this is the most true on projects.

At S.P. Richards we have the ability to help you sell to customers in the digital age. Many of you may have seen our virtual showroom at the ABC, this is the future and where the industry is going with presentations.

There are three easily accessible resources that can help you get started.

1). My Resources Library. This is a fantastic tool to see all the products you can offer your customer for their project.

You can:

· Organize your project

· Use multiple manufacturers

· Have complete lists of products specified

· Digital images of product

2). Kisp Collaborator:

· Quick easy way to do a drawing for your customer

· Easy rendering and listing of product

· More advanced options

· Ability to place furniture in an image of the actual room

· Virtual Reality settings

3). Design Team:

· Draw a project

· Assist in Design

· Render

· Consult with you and your customer

Catalogs are more and more being left to the side. Customers are looking on-line for answers.

S.P. Richards provides the information you need on and gives you access to the Lorell line, one of the fastest growing lines of furniture over the last 10 years.

At S.P. Richards, we have moved into the 21st century. We are ready and able to assist you in all of your furniture needs.


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